With All My Sole

Embrace Your Beautiful

“I am not beautiful like you. I am beautiful like me”

I had a random thought the other day. Why is it that often times, a confident woman is seen as being conceited or “full of herself”? Why are they sometimes judged, talked about, or are constantly having their intentions questioned? Isn’t confidence something we try to instill in our daughters at a young age? Don’t we want them to grow up to love and respect themselves and be strong, confident women? Don’t we all want to find happiness with who we are, throw away all of the doubts and judgments we place upon ourselves, and finally achieve self-confidence? Of course, I am completely aware that there are those who have crossed the confidence line and have gone over to the conceited side, but I have also witnessed perfectly non-conceited women be the topic of gossip and judgment, for no reason other than her wonderful, beautiful confidence in herself. And that really sucks. Why does this double standard continue to live on in society, and why do women so often turn on each other, becoming so judgmental and negative? Why can’t a woman’s confidence be embraced? It sure makes it difficult for us all to instill this value within ourselves. Read more

Run, Release, Repeat

“It’s fine, I ran today”

Home is where my family is. It is my cats welcoming me at the front porch with their meows and circles around my legs. It is my dogs’ wet kisses, tail wags, and happy howls as soon as I open the front door. It is a hug from my husband after a long day at work, curling up on the couch with a hot cup of coffee, and the sight of the twinkle lights dangling from our fireplace and lighting up the entire room. It is the sounds of my kids talking and laughing throughout the house, and it is even the messes and piles of dirty clothes they leave trailing behind them.

My second home, however, is in my running shoes. I slip them on and they take me places I never thought possible. Running is the most relaxing part of my day. That sounds crazy to non-runners, I know, but it truly is. A little over two years ago I would have thought that sounded crazy myself, but running brings me peace, clarity, confidence, and a huge sense of accomplishment. It is time with myself to unwind, let go of the things that have been weighing on me throughout the day, and enjoy miles of soul searching. Read more

One Choice, Forever Changed

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change” ~ Jim Rohn

My choice was made two years ago, on March 8th, 2014. It was the day I traded in my candy for fruit, sodas for water, and my second helpings for smaller, more controlled meal portions. It was also the first day I laced up my tennis shoes, walked out the front door, and I ran. Okay, I only ran about 4 houses down before I had to stop because I thought I might pass out, but I was trying, and it felt good to be doing something. It felt good to take control. I remember very vividly how difficult and painful it was on my body when I first started running, but I am so glad I didn’t give up.

So how did I reach this day? I am so glad you asked. Read more

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