With All My Sole

Just Keep Swimming


“It doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger”

This week is simple really. I just want to offer encouragement to never give up. Or should I say….to just keep swimming? In honor of Dory and her big movie release (and because I’m a huge Disney fan and I incorporate Disney anywhere I possibly can), let’s go with that!


Or biking, or walking, or running, or lifting, or dancing, or whatever you do to keep moving…just keep doing it! We all need the encouragement from time to time, especially on those days it is difficult to stay the course and continue pushing ourselves. Some days, you just want to throw in your set of Mickey Mouse ears and be done with it (okay, maybe the saying is “throw in the towel”, but I saw another Disney opportunity here so I took it). These are the days that encouragement is the most crucial, and the days we all need to be mentally prepared for discouragement to creep up on us.

Sticking to an exercise plan is not an easy task; if you were told otherwise you were very misguided. It is a major commitment of your time, it pulls lots of strength and energy from your body, and it takes a large dose of dedication. Someone recently asked me when running became easier for me, which is interesting because I keep asking myself the same question…when will it?? There was one night this week that I only had time to squeeze in two miles, and they were two very difficult, sweaty, messy miles. I just wanted to stop and scream as loud as I could “Shouldn’t this be easy by now?!” My conclusion is that we are using the wrong word completely and creating a false reality around our hard work and dedication. Read more

The Importance of Cross Training

“Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits”

Even from the beginning I was always good about incorporating various types of exercise into my daily routine. In addition to running, I was walking, bicycling, and doing strength exercises at home. My main reason for mixing it up at first was because running alone was so difficult and daunting back then, and I didn’t want to experience burn out or boredom and end up giving up altogether. These are actually really good reasons to cross train as they kept me motivated and moving, but my reasons have grown and evolved since the beginning of my journey. Admittedly, even after I had lost 30 pounds and didn’t need to lose a single pound more, my motivation to keep moving in different ways became mostly about burning calories more than anything else. I remember running outside one afternoon and seeing my shadow on the ground in front of me, and it hit me like a ton of bricks…I had reached a point where I was way too thin. I was a runner, but I wasn’t as strong as I needed to be. And I wanted to be strong, not skinny. I wanted to be a healthy runner so I could keep going the distance and not get sidelined with an injury. I wanted powerful muscles that gave me whole body strength, not just lower body. I knew that something had to change that day, and since then I have come full circle with my cross training as well as my motivation for doing it. Read more

Inspire, and Be Inspired

“To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible”

From the very first day my wellness journey began, I became focused on my own body, my every day choices, and my quality of life more than I ever had in the past. My success depended on it, and I was determined to be successful. I had to keep my mind set on the goal and push myself more and more each day. I had to dedicate a lot of time, put in a lot of hard work, and learn to have patience for the long term results I desired. I now know that it was this focus and dedication that got me where I am today, and I am a completely new person because of it. But while I was in my zone focusing on getting myself better and learning how to make healthier choices every day, something was happening that I hadn’t stopped to think about….others were watching me. Some I realized at the time, others not until very recently, and some I may never even know about. Today I want to talk about the joy in inspiring others.
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