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Hi! I am Christy, a 30-something year young wife, mom, runner, and blogger! I married my soulmate 12 years ago and our families were instantly combined. My husband is my best friend, and we do almost everything together, including running, which makes me incredibly happy! He is my biggest supporter, my confidant, and the person that balances me perfectly. Our son has just graduated and is about to start college, and our daughter is going into her junior year of high school. They have grown up so fast, and I have come to realize that there is no way to slow down time; we simply must live in the moment and soak them in as memories. I greatly miss them being little, but I am so blessed to have witnessed them grown into such wonderful young adults. Plain and simple, my husband and children light up my life. We have two dogs and two cats, and they are all a huge part of our family. We love our pets and completely spoil them with no regrets! I work full time as an administrative assistant, I love planning parties and vacations in my spare time, and I have a newfound love for running, fitness, and healthy eating. And there you have it, the girl.



I have not always been a runner. Actually, I was the kid that had my parents write a note to my PE teacher during grade school, saying I could not run because it gave me horrible side stitches. Really. I went on to become the person that avoided almost all forms of exercise for most of my adult life. I was the wife that told her husband during our early years of marriage that I didn’t need to run, walking was effective enough, he just didn’t know.

And then there was my diet. I was the girl who snacked on gummy bears and jelly beans. Chocolate candy and any kind of cake. I drank the bright orange sodas, or the concentrated juices, and that’s pretty much all. Water? No taste, no thanks. I was the chips and dip girl, and the second helping at dinner girl. Hey, it was yummy, and I deserved it, right?

And you know what? I felt awful. I came home from work exhausted, mentally and physically done for the day. So after putting in 8 or more hours at work, mostly behind a desk not moving, I came home and plopped on the couch, also not moving. Of course, I am a wife and a mom, so chores were done, and dinner was cooked, but that is not the kind of exercise I now know my body craved. But I was too tired. Oh, and I was sick all the time. ALL the time. So do you have any idea what the last thing on my mind was? Exercise. But what was on my mind was rewarding myself after an exhausting day at work with some good ole comforting junk food. Oh and dinner, and an extra serving if I felt like it. Unless I was too sick to eat of course.

I was never overweight, but I was certainly not healthy. And there was definitely no tone in these muscles back then. Life now looks completely different. My eating habits have completely changed; I choose to eat to live, not live to eat. I fuel my body with the nutrients I know it needs, but I don’t deny myself the occasional indulgence. Moderation is key, and is a routine that takes repetition before it is just second nature. I look forward to exercising every single day, especially running. I feel amazing. I feel the healthiest I have ever been. I know there is no turning back. I want to share my journey with you, and I would love to bring you on it with me. And there you have it, the journey.



I have always had a passion for helping others; for doing something that can bring positivity and joy into others’ lives. To make them smile, to make them happy, to give them hope. I truly feel that understanding others and helping them in any way I can is my calling in life, and I am always soul-searching a way to accomplish this daily. Two years ago I made a decision to change the way I eat, and to start exercising every day, and that decision completely changed my life. It impacted my quality of life in a way I never thought possible, and not a day goes by that I am not thankful. This blog was created for you, to help inspire and empower you to make changes that can be incredibly life-changing. I am excited to share my love for running with you all, and tell you how it has shaped my body as well as my mind and my soul. I am eager to tell you all of the benefits it has to offer, and to give you tips on how to push when you just want to give up. I have been there, I know. I will never say it is easy, only that it is undeniably worth it. I am excited about sharing my journey to healthy eating, and about how you can learn to love healthier options. I hope some of my favorite snacks and healthier indulgences are added to your grocery list, or that some of my favorite songs that help me keep going are added to your running playlist. I can’t wait to hear all of your stories, your goals, your milestones, and your fitness journey. And there you have it, the goal.



  • My two beautiful children and especially the sound of their laughter echoing throughout the house
  • My wonderful husband, my best friend and my biggest supporter
  • Lacing up my tennis shoes and going for a run
  • Putting a smile on someone else’s face
  • Searching for seashells along the beach
  • Cozy pajamas & warm fuzzy socks
  • Toast, eggs, and coffee
  • Cuddling with my dogs
  • The sounds of a good thunderstorm
  • A big bowl of macaroni & cheese
  • The magic of Disney
  • Planning vacations, and of course, going on vacations
  • Throwing an elaborate, themed party
  • Hiking to waterfalls
  • Time spent with friends and family
  • New running clothes and accessories
  • The beauty of a sunrise and a sunset
  • Polka dots, bows, glitter, tutus, and the color pink
  • The feeling of the sun soaking into my skin
  • Love notes, flowers, or little gifts from my husband
  • Homemade cards from my kids
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